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I help work several herds in this area, and in October I got to use my new T-Bone castration knife. It was great! The knife holds an edge and fits my hand well. It also is a good blade for skinning squirrels and rabbits.     -Dwight Singer St. Francvisville, La.

Thanks for your call concerning the towel holder. My daughter-in-law said she loved it! She would not say that if she did not mean it. What a great gesture to call your customers to see how they like your product. If i ever need anything else in this line I will know who to call. Thank again and GOD BLESS!      -Jeane Fuller 1/25/08

Let me tell you, I have a pair of T-Bone’s knives and if you’re looking for a pair of good quality knives, these are above and beyond all my expectations. From processing game, to working on the ranch, these have met my standards. So let me be the first to tell you, these knives are the real deal and every cowboy needs one.     – Trey Hudgins Sherman, Tx

Sorry for the late response, but my husband loves his Knife and it was very nicely done! So nice that he didn’t believe me at first that the brand was set stone, he thought it was painted on. I just wanted to say thank you and that I will definitely recommend you to others.     – Jenny Haken

I purchased two of the knives and they are of great quality. The construction is perfection and every rancher and hunter would be proud to own one. The belt sheath lays perfect for fast knife removal if needed.   – Bob Holley


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