T-Bone's Knives


T-Bone creates handmade, custom castrating knives for the real working cowboy. Many are designed with blunt tips and trigger guards with the cowboy’s and cattle’s […]

EveryDay Carry

  T-Bone’s EveryDay Carry Knives come in a variety of styles and sizes that accommodates the user with a multi-purpose tool to get the job […]


T-Bone makes custom, handmade hunting knives that are rugged, functional and handsome.  All our blades are handmade from tempered high-carbon, rust-resistant steel for optimum hardness and excellent […]

Kitchen Cutlery

T-Bone’s Custom Creations makes hand crafted Steak Knives with a wide variety of handles and your choice of a handmade block or decorative display case.  These knives, […]